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For the 2023 NATCON, the Pershing Foundation announces three (3) unit awards based on the
scholastic achievement of a unit’s members and NATCON participation. The awards are offered
to encourage and recognize scholastic achievement and attendance at NATCON. All college
level Pershing Rifles and Pershing Angel units, in good standing with their respective national
organizations, and attending the 2023 NATCON are eligible.
The 2023 awards will be:

 First Place: a plaque with engraved unit designation and names of its members, and a
$1,000 check.
Second Place: a plaque with engraved unit designation and a $750 check.
Third Place: plaque with engraved unit designation and a $500 check.

Scholastic Competition


Scholastic Participation Award 2022

This year’s winners were Company R4, Norfolk State University, 1st Place receiving $1000, Company L1, University of Toledo, 2nd Place receiving $750 and Company A1, Ohio State University, 3rd Place receiving $500.

Norfolk State.jpeg

1st Place

University of Toledo.png

2nd Place

Ohio State.jpeg

3rd Place

Image by Mattias Russo-Larsson

National Convention

2023 NATCON will be held in Chantilly, VA from March 9-12, 2023


Marble Surface
Notable Pershing Rifles Alumni
Heritage List Heading.jpg

Since 1894, Pershing Rifles Alumni have been leaders not only in the military, and on the battlefield, but in Academia, the Arts and Entertainment, Industry, Science, Technology, and the Professions. They have excelled at all levels of Government Service, and have paid the ultimate price in defense of our country; two of whom were awarded the Medal of Honor. Attached is the Pershing Rifles Heritage List that identifies these outstanding alumni. There are no doubt others that have yet to be identified. The Heritage Committee of the National Society of Pershing Rifles Alumni Association is hard at work trying to identify additional notable alumni that should be added to the list. If you are aware of any former Pershing Rifleman who you feel belongs on this list, please provide that information to

Medal of Honor awardees.jpg
Image by Mattias Russo-Larsson

Pershing Project

Pershing Riflemen, Pershing Angels, 

and Blackjacks tell General Pershing’s 

inspiring story in a powerful new film.


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